A game about decision making, where you have to reduce the impact of randomness.

The flint lets you build other technologies in adjacent tiles.

> 1st phase: try to build technologies of the same color next to each other (the flint doesn't count).
> 2nd phase: make 15 hits combo.
> 3rd phase: be happy :)

I've never created this kind of gameplay before and it was quite the challenge I would say. It does take several tries to fully apprehend it and "control the randomness". Hope you'll enjoy it!

Made in ~30 hours with Construct 2. Music with Ableton Live.
Also: Photoshop, Audacity and free sounds.

For Ludum Dare 36: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-36/?action=preview&uid=66030

Twitter: @messire_Cookie

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