So with this theme "Small World", I immediately thought about lots of board games I've played in my life. So here's a kinda "interactive board game" in which you flip tiles.

The "developer score" is currently at 8300, try to beat me!


Tutorial is in the menu, I would advise you to read it before playing but live dangerously if you want! If you want more advices, it's really just a game about optimization: recycle the most Ruin tiles in one shot, and try to fill the jauges by not flipping random tiles.


As for the jam in itself, it went pretty smoothly as I found my idea quickly. An initial idea that was closer to a game like Reigns (hence the jauges) but changed into this puzzle game along the way. I also wanted to have this simple and direct feeling in controls, combined with a deeper reflexion (like Threes, or 2080 for those who don't know the original). I managed to make everything I wanted just before the end of the jam and even sleep 7 hours each night (a miracle). It's maybe a game I'll continue, I don't know yet. I already have some ideas for a "puzzle mode" and it could be cool to have other boards to unlock with a score system (like Mini Metro).

As usual, I made everything by myself from scratch using Construct 2, Bfxr for the sounds and Ableton live for the musics.


Link to the Ludum Dare page:


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